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We DESIGN and BUILD wooden houses

About us

We started our business with the main purpose of creating a company who thinks a bit smarter and offering customers more flexible house solutions and in same time keeping prices in very competitive level in relation to the quality we deliver to customers. Our production concept makes it possible to quickly and easily create customized environmentally friendly houses and keep a quality same as site-built houses.

Whether you want to build an architect-designed house, catalog house or self-drawn house - we are with you all the way! Many of our customers want a unique house that no one else has. Prefabricated wood houses works great for both small summer houses and up to multi-storey residential buildings. We believe this technology is a good way to industrialize the construction process and create benefits in quality, environmental impact and, not least, cost efficiency. This is an essential part of the future construction that we want to contribute to. Our Design and Build process includes the concept development, architecture development, production drawings, static calculation, production of wooden structures, delivery and assembling service.

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News & Updates

Show house - Tiny 25sqm
12.11.2020 Show house - Tiny 25sqm
Attefall Göteborg 25 - Well planned house that is equipped with kitchen and WC / shower / laundry and living space with sliding glass door. This exhibition house is located in Nyköping - on a parking lot at Kuggnäs.
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We have certified our company in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
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