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Cabins and cottages

Cabins and cottages

Do you have plans on developing a camping facility of any kind? Or are you just in search of a good old-fashioned cabin for your lot? We help those of you who own and want to develop your land. Our modular house solutions can easily match your business model and future plans. We have extensive experience in the field, and in consultation with you, we can work out a solution that suits all the needs of your business. We take care of production, delivery, and assembly, in a safe and easy manner.

Why you should choose a modular house from us:

Assembled and ready

We deliver ready-made houses created based on your needs and wishes, directly to your lot. Our production takes place indoors under controlled conditions

Flexible solutions

As our customer, you decide what the final design of your houses should be. Our products can be customized when it comes to shape and size

We take care of everything

Every step in the manufacturing process is controlled by us and we take care of everything until the house is finished and delivered. We make sure that your house complies with all applicable building regulations and standards so that you do not have to worry about it 

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