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Residential houses


It is important for us to be able to deliver products that are tailored to our customers' wishes – regardless of whether they are individuals or companies. Our prefabricated wood-framed houses are available as single-family detached houses, semi-detached houses, row houses  and come in all possible sizes.

Thanks to our great experience and knowledge, we can act as a support system for you, the customer, throughout the course of the project. By delivering almost finished housing, we reduce the amount of time spent working on the construction site, which in the end saves you money. In our factory, our skilled craftsmen will complete everything that is expected of a modern residential building. Everything from floor and wall coverings to kitchen interior with appliances and finished bathrooms, is put in place quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of prefabricated houses from Skandlink are many:

Flexible housing solutions

You, our customer, is the one who decides what the final design of the house should be. We are flexible and can customize our products when it comes to dimensions, floor plans, choice of materials and more

Completed at the factory

Our production takes place indoors under controlled forms with the aid of very efficient machines. This makes for houses of high quality, a good working environment and prevention against problems that can otherwise be caused by weather, like dampness

Highest quality

Our quality management system is a guarantee that your house meets the applicable building regulations and standards. Each stage of the manufacturing process is controlled, up until the house is finished

Delivery of Prefabricated elements of wood or Modular buildings/volumes!

Read more about our production: HERE


* Row houses and semi-detached houses

There are many pieces of the puzzle that needs to fall into place when building semi-detached houses or row houses. Our house models are available in a variety of sizes and can also be combined with each other. The houses can be delivered turnkey, which means that they're ready to be moved into. We are responsible for the building of your house, from start to finish, and will be on hand throughout the entire journey if you have any questions or requests. The only thing you need to do is choose your lot and decide which house model and what extras you want. We'll fix the rest!

* Single family detached houses

Do you want to build a new house? We are experts in manufacturing houses that are tailored to the customer and offer turnkey solutions, from the laying of the foundation to the final inspection! Our new houses are delivered with everything already installed and finished. The only thing you need to do is inspect the house and then move in! As a customer you do not have to think about hiring a contractor – we will handle the project and manage the whole construction process for you.

If you want to save money, you can choose to have the house delivered in elements, where the outside is completed, but you control the inside, electricity, water, sewage and so on. You choose yourself whether you want to hire a local tradesman, or if you want to complete the last bit of work yourself.


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