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Production and Factory

When you order a house from Skandlink, you're in safe hands. We have a long experience of manufacturing homes and other buildings and can customize and build these completely according to your wishes. If you have any questions about building regulations or technical blueprints before we start production, you are always welcome to contact us. We know the market like the back of our hand, and always do our best to ensure that the final result – your new house – is exactly as you wanted it to be.

Our houses are usually built according to one of the following two systems:

Prefabricated elements of wood
With our efficient building kit system, all house elements, such as walls, joists, beams, and roof elements are produced at the factory and then transported to your building site for assembly. This way the whole house can be erected in just a few days. The finishing work on the interior takes place onsite and includes, among other things, painting and wallpapering, floor laying, tiling of bathrooms, as well as assembling the kitchen.

This system is especially well suited for single-family houses, row houses and terraces, and villas. It could even be a solution in cases of limited accessibility to the lot.

Delivery of our prefabricated elements is completed in four stages:

  • The prefabricated elements are manufactured in our factory
  • These are then sent from our factory to the construction site
  • Once in place, walls, floors, and roof are assembled
  • Finally, the interior is completed, such as electricity, heating, bathroom, and painting of interior walls.


Modular buildings/volumes
Like our building kits, our modules are also produced indoors at the factory. The difference here is that walls, joists, beams, and roof elements are built together into finished modules at the factory. The modules are then transported to the construction site where they are assembled into the final construction.

Modular buildings, also called prefabricated volumes, are a simple house rather than a construction barracks. It is built in a factory and then delivered and assembled on a construction site. Usually, about 95 percent of the house is built in the factory, and the remaining work is carried out onsite, mainly in the form of assembling the modules.

Building a standard house in the factory is quite straightforward. Tailoring a house to the specific wishes of the customer is all the more difficult. Nevertheless, that is precisely our specialty.

A delivery of turnkey modular houses is made in three stages:

  • The elements are manufactured in our factory and then assembled. The interior of the house, such as wiring for electricity and completion of the bathrooms is done before delivery.
  • The modules are transported from the factory to the construction site where the house is intended to be built.
  • The modules are assembled onsite