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Projects and B2B

We manufacture multi-family houses, single-family detached houses, row houses and terraces, semi-detached houses, and apartment buildings. This means that we work closely as well as long-term with different real-estate developers in the Nordic region. Feel free to contact us and we can tell you more about our high quality and cost-efficient solutions for anyone working on housing development.

Subcontractor to your construction project
We want to establish close and long-term relationships with housing developers. At Skandlink you will find a partner who can manufacture and deliver different buildings and components to various construction projects. For example, we can be your contract manufacturer of walls for completed apartment buildings and row houses or terraces. Another option is to use us as your supplier of turnkey modular house solutions such as smaller holiday homes, tiny houses, cabins, and cottages. All manufacturing takes place under carefully controlled forms in our factory. As materials, we use only authorized products from well-known suppliers.

Manufacturing of prefabricated elements
 We can offer both delivery and assembly of, for example, prefabricated wooden elements, walls and trusses for your house projects. Thanks to our flexible manufacturing process, we can offer many different options when it comes to the building of walls. Together we can offer excellent housing solutions with high quality and at a good price. Feel free to contact us and we'll tell you more!


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