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Temporary modular premises

Are you a business customer in need of a temporary office space or a workplace? Temporary modular premises are a popular concept with many uses. It is a simple solution which ensures that a business can continue as normal, in modern custom premises. You can choose for yourself how you want your premises to be designed to suit your unique needs. Whether you need space for evacuation homes or a bunch of building barracks, we can help you. 

Where can you use our modular houses:
Modular houses can be used as evacuation homes, conference rooms, office modules, schools, student apartments, hotel buildings, worker cabins etc.

Why you should choose movable modular buildings from us:

Proximity to the business

With temporary modular premises you are always close to your business operations. They are set up on your own land, wherever you want them, and can be connected to existing buildings. This makes it easy for, for example, the construction industry to have easy access to offices, and space for construction workers

Low energy consumption

Our designs are adapted to reduce the cost of electricity and heat. Thanks to well-planned insulation solutions for both windows and walls, the modules retain heat very efficiently 

Time savings

Temporary premises are a good solution for when the need for new premises have arisen very quickly. We produce custom modules and make sure that these are delivered as soon as possible 

High quality

The standard for temporary modular premises today is very high, with good ventilation and bright environments that many people enjoy working in. Our temporary modular premises are new and modern – and offer the same high quality as more permanent buildings
We sell temporary modular premises to both individuals and companies. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about temporary modular premises. Contact us today - We'll answer as soon as we can!

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