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Wooden houses

Construction, production, delivery and assembly of prefabricated houses

Wooden houses

Skandlink offers the construction, manufacture and delivery of prefabricated housing solutions made of wood – a renewable building material. We never compromise on quality and have durability as our guiding principle throughout the manufacturing process.

Do you want to build sustainably and green? Our prefabricated houses are all made of wood, which is a living and renewable resource. It is one of the best materials you can choose from if you are considering erecting an eco-friendly house. Wood does not contain toxic substances and, in addition, is carbon neutral.

Three great things about using wood as a building material:

  • Wood is a natural, living, and beautiful material that is good for the environment and does not contribute to global warming
  • Wood is a flexible building material which makes it easy to expand, rebuild or change an installation
  • Wood is a very lightweight material, which can help reduce your costs

Advantages of choosing ready-to-assemble prefab houses from us:

Quality controlled construction process

 We ensure that your house complies with all applicable building regulations and standards. Each stage of the manufacturing process is controlled – all the way to the completion and delivery of the house

Delivery and assembly

Our standard agreement means that we ensure that the house is delivered from our factory to the place it will stand. We will handle the assembly, using our own staff

Warranty and follow-up

We provide a five-year warranty against dampness in the construction, and between two- and five-year warranty for appliances, depending on the model

Climate-smart and environmentally friendly accommodation

We always use wood when building our houses because it is a climate-smart material that does not deplete the Earth's resources. We build well insulated houses with high-quality materials. Similarly, we always use products that save on energy and heat